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Retirement Armor with Jeff Christian

Preparing for retirement can sometimes feel like you’re gearing up for battle. You have to mount defenses against fees, volatility and taxes while strategizing your balance of risk vs. safety. Like going into real battle, it can be intimidating without the right preparation. But that’s why Certified Financial Planner Jeff Christian is here. He wants to provide you with the armor you need before going onto the financial battlefield. On this show, you'll learn how to plan, protect, and provide your way to a prosperous financial future.

Jeff is a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor at Armor Financial Group. His team serves clients throughout New Orleans and the surrounding communities with a main office in Madisonville, Louisiana.


Call: 985-845-2922

Mar 18, 2021

Annuities are a hot topic in the financial industry. Some people talk about how much they love them, while others say to stay away from them at all costs. But which side should you believe? Today Jeff discusses the pros and cons of different types of annuities and how they may or may not provide value for a...

Mar 4, 2021

Social Security is often misunderstood and ill-planned for costing serious lost opportunity for many Americans. Myths, rumors, and misunderstandings are pervasive in the world of Social Security. In this show, we’ll look to clear up the top 5 misunderstandings about Social Security.